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Active, small, and indomitable like ?rsula, and almost as pretty and provocative as Remedios the Beauty, she was endowed with a rare instinct for anticipating fashion. When she received pictures of the most recent fashions in the mail, they only proved that she had not been wrong about the models that she designed herself and sewed on Amaranta’s primitive pedal machine. She subscribed to every fashion magazine, art publication. and popular music review published in Europe, and she had only to glance at them to realize that things in the world were going just as she imagined they were. It was incomprehensible why a woman with that spirit would have returned to a dead town burdened by dust and heat, and much less with a husband who had more than enough money to live anywhere in the world and who loved her so much that he let himself be led around by her on a silk leash. As time passed, however, her intention to stay was more obvious, because she did not make any plans that were not a long way off, nor did shedo anything that did not have as an aim the search for a comfortable life and a peaceful old age in Macondo. The canary cage showed that those aims were made up on the spur of the moment. Remembering that her mother had told her in a letter about the extermination of the birds, she had delayed her trip several months until she found a ship that stopped at the Fortunate Isles and there she chose the finest twenty-five pairs of canaries so that she could repopulate the skies of Macondo. That was the most lamentable of her numerous frustrated undertakings. As the birds reproduced Amaranta ?rsula would release them in pairs, and no sooner did they feel themselves free than they fled the town. She tried in vain to awaken love in them by means of the bird cage that ?rsula had built during the first reconstruction of the house. Also in vain were the artificial nests built of esparto grass in the almond trees and the birdseed strewn about the roofs, and arousing the captives so that their songs would dissuade the deserters, because they would take flights on their first attempts and make a turn in the sky, just the time needed to find the direction to the Fortunate Isles.



One hot dawn they both woke up in alarm at an urgent knocking on the street door. It was a dark old man with large green eyes that gave his face a ghostly phosphorescence and with a cross of ashes on his forehead. His clothing in tatters, his shoes cracked, the old knapsack on his shoulder his only luggage, he looked like a beggar, but his bearing had a dignity that was in frank contradiction to his appearance. It was only necessary to look at him once, even in the shadows of the parlor, to realize that the secret strength that allowed him to live was not the instinct of self-preservation but the habit of fear. It was Aureliano Amador, the only survivor of Colonel Aureliano Buendía’s seventeen sons, searching for a respite in his long and hazardous existence as a fugitive. He identified himself, begged them to give him refuge in that house which during his nights as a pariah he had remembered as the last redoubt of safety left for him in life. But Jos?Arcadio and Aureliano did not remember him. Thinking that he was a tramp, they pushed him into the street. They both saw from the doorway the end of a drama that had began before Jos?Arcadio had reached the age of reason. Two policemen who had been chasing Aureliano Amador for years, who had tracked him like bloodhounds across half the world, came out from among the almond trees on the opposite sidewalk and took two shots with their Mausers which neatly penetrated the cross of ashes.

一个炎热的早晨,他们被一阵急促的敲门声惊醒。敲门的是一个陌生老头儿。一对绿莹莹的大眼睛闪着幽灵似的光芒。老头儿有一副严峻的面孔,额上现出一个灰十字。那件褴褛的衣服,那双破旧不堪的皮鞋,那只搭在肩上的旧麻袋——这是他唯一的财产——使他显出一副穷汉的模样,但是他的举止依然显得尊严,跟他的外貌形成鲜明的对比。在半明不暗的客厅中,甚至一眼就能看出,支持这个人生存的内在力量,并不是自卫的本能,而是经常的恐惧。原来,这是奥雷连诺·阿马多。在奥雷连诺上校的十六个儿子当中,他是唯一幸存的人。一种完全意外的逃犯生活,把他弄得精疲力竭,他渴望休息。他说出自己的名字,恳求他俩让他在房子里住下来,因为在那些不眠之夜里,他曾把这座房子看作是他在大地上的最后一个避难所。谁知霍。 阿卡蒂奥和奥雷连诺·布恩蒂亚一点也不知道这个亲戚,他俩把他错当成一个流浪汉,把他猛地推到街上。他俩站在门口,目睹了早在霍·阿卡蒂奥出世之前就开始的一场戏剧的结局。在街道对面的几棵杏树下,忽然出现警察局的两个密探——他们在过去的许多年中,一直在追捕奥雷连诺·阿马多,——他们象两条猎犬似的顺着他的踪迹从门前跑过,只听到“砰砰”两声枪响,奥雷连诺·阿马多一头栽倒在地上,两颗子弹正好打中他额上的那个十字。


Almost a year after his return home, having sold the silver candlesticks and the heraldic chamberpot—which at the moment of truth turned out to have only a little gold plating on the crest—in order to eat, the only distraction of Jos?Arcadio was to pick up children in town so that they could play in the house. He would appear with them at siesta time and have them skip rope in the garden, sing on the porch, and do acrobatics on the furniture in the living room while he would go among the groups giving lessons in good manners. At that time he had finished with the tight pants and the silk shirts and was wearing an ordinary suit of clothing that he had bought in the Arab stores, but he still maintained his languid dignity and his papal air. The children took over the house just as Meme’s schoolmates had done in the past. Until well into the night they could be heard chattering and singing and tap-dancing, so that the house resembled a boarding school where there was no discipline. Aureliano did not worry about the invasion as long as they did not bother him in Melquíades?room. One morning two children pushed open the door and were startled at the sight of a filthy and hairy man who was still deciphering the parchments on the worktable. They did not dare go in, but they kept on watching the room. They would peep in through the cracks, whispering, they threw live animals in through the transom, and on one occasion they nailed up the door and the window and it took Aureliano half a day to force them open. Amused at their unpunished mischief, four of the children went into the room one morning while Aureliano was in the kitchen, preparing to destroy the parchments. But as soon as they laid hands on the yellowed sheets an angelic force lifted them off the ground and held them suspended in the air until Aureliano returned and took the parchments away from them. From then on they did not bother him.

霍·阿卡蒂奥回到父母家里差不多只过了一年,就变卖了银制的枝形烛台和一只装饰着徽记的便盆——老实说,这便盆上只有徽记才是金的,——他唯一的消遣就是在房子里集合起一些野男孩,并给他们充分的自由,在最热的晌午时刻,他让他们在花园里跳绳,在长廊上大声唱歌,在安乐椅和沙发上翻筋斗,他自己却在这一伙跟那一伙之间转来转去,教他们各种礼节。这时,他已经脱掉牛仔裤和真丝衬衫,穿了一套从阿拉伯人小店里买来的普通西服,不过还继续保持着倦怠的神态和教皇的风度。孩子们象从前梅梅的女伴们一样,很快就熟悉了整座房子。每到深夜,都能听到他们的饶舌声、唱歌声、打红雀声——整座房子好象一所寄宿学校,住着一群放荡不羁的孩子。奥雷连诺·布恩蒂亚并没发现这一点,可是小客人们不久就闯到梅尔加德斯的房间前面。有一天早晨,两个野男孩猛地拉开房门,不由得吓了一大跳,只见一个肮里肮脏、头发蓬乱的人坐在桌子旁边钻研羊皮纸手稿。男孩们不放贸然进去,但从此却对这个古怪的陌生人发生了兴趣。他们在门外唧唧咕咕,不时往锁孔里窥视,把各种脏东西从气窗扔进房间,有一次还拿洋钉从外面把门窗钉死,奥雷连诺。 布恩蒂亚只好花上整整半天工夫给自己开辟一条出路。由于没有惩罚孩子们玩的把戏,姑息了他们,他们的胆子更大了。有一次,趁奥雷连诺。布恩蒂亚在厨房的时候,四个男孩钻进他的房间,企图毁掉羊皮纸手稿。不想他们刚一抓起发黄的稿卷,一股无形的力量一下子把他们提了起来,把他们一个个悬在空中,直到奥雷连诺·布恩蒂亚回来,从他们手里夺回了羊皮纸手稿。从那天起,他们再也没有打扰过他了。

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