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建军节 The Army Day

Since I went to school, I have received the education that the new China didn't come easy. There were thousands of soldiers fought for the country's future. They sacrificed their lives. When the first army was built, the future had been seen. So August 1st is The Army Day today, which is to honor the work of the great soldiers.


The school will organize students to watch movies about this uneasy history, or let the students go to the museum to learn about the knowledge. Some companies also organize some activities for the workers to keep the grateful heart. Indeed, our new life doesn't come easy. Thanks to the great soldiers, we can enjoy the happy life and peaceful environment.


Everybody can do small things to show the grateful hearts. For example, never throw away the rubbish and don't waste water. The small things we can do is to protect the environment and love our country. The most important thing is to study hard and make a contribution to the society some day. I believe that the better future of our country is the best way to show greatness.


我的舞台 My Stage

Since I was very small, I was very shy in the public place, so I always avoided giving performance in front of so many people. Though I tried hard to get over it in school, I still felt uneasy in the public place. When I came to the job market, I realized that I must get over my fear, or I would lose my stage.


I still remembered the horrible experience for my first interview. Early in the morning, I got a called that I was given a chance to the job interview. I felt so excited. When I came to the company, I found there were other six young people competed with me, then I started to feel nervous. The employers asked us to sit in the round table and introduced ourselves one by one. When it was my turn, I lowed down my head and spoke in low voice. Then the employers continued to let us give speeches in the stage. I lose confidence and made the horrible performance.


This interview taught me a lesson that I must get over my fear, or I will lose chances. So I practise hard and dare to stand in the stage.


我成功了 I Succeed

Today, people's lifestyle pace is very fast and a lot of young people feel the great pressure when they come to the job market. Before I graduated from college, I started to come to the job market. It was hard for me to get the job I wanted. I got rejected many times, but when the moment I was hired, I felt the victory.


I still remembered the day when I was interviewed. Before I came to the company, I had practised many times and my friends pretended to be the employers, asking me all kinds of questions. So I made some preparations and believed that I wouldn't lose control. At the beginning, the employers asked me some simple questions, which I had prepared, so I felt confident. But when they asked me about the company, I forgot to search enough information. But I told myself to calm down, so I expressed my wish to work here. Two days later, I was informed that I got the job. My heart was beating very fast, just liked I had conquered the world.


The experience of being success helps me to be stronger and gain more confidence.








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