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真正的美国 The Real America

When talk about America, most people will think of the great buildings and the lively parties, because the Hollywood movies present us the strongest America. What's more, the media always report how powerful America is and the foreign media criticize China all the time, so people lose faith about our country. Actually, every country is not perfect. Recently, I have learned a lot about America, which helped me make the better judgment. A video was made by a Chinese student who had studied in America for 6 years. He told people that some part of America was like the big countryside and not every place looked like the movies presented in the screen. He came to the conclusion that perfect country did not exist. So we need to take the right attitude to our country, and don't lose faith when we see the bad sides.



学习的目的 The Purpose of Study

Many students go to school when they reach the age. As the first nine years' education is compulsory, so they treat study as a task. For most students, they don't enjoy study, because they hate to compete with each other and they feel the pressure all the time. The purpose of study for them is to get to the high mark and then enter the better school. This is terrible for students to be the walking dead. The pleasure of study must be found. It is nothing to do with the score. The world is changing all the time. The more we learn about the world, the stronger we are. The way to gain knowledge is various, so don't take sitting in the classroom as the only way. We must know that the purpose of education is to improve ourselves, instead of competing.



我们面临的挑战 The Challenges We Face

Since the 1990s, the world has changing very fast. Especially the technology, it goes through our life all the time, such as the ofo, the E-commerce and the online payment. For our parent's generation, most of them don't know much about the technology, so they face a lot of difficulties. As the young generation, we are lucky to have access to the technology and know how to use these advanced products to facilitate our life. The fast development brings great chance, but at the same time, it also means the challenges. It requires the young generation to keep pace with the world, so they need to know more about the world. The knowledge from books is not enough. They need to be equipped with some skills so as to get used to the changing world. The skillful person is always wanted.



“一带一路”政策 The Policy of Road and Belt

There is no doubt that Road and Belt is the hottest issue recently. The media report the news all the time and we feel the power when we see our government holding the meetings. A lot of countries have joined the team and made this policy effective. Road and Belt brings great chances to China and other countries. Chinese government plays the important role, which shows its increasing power in the current situation. Since the 1990s, Chinese economy increased and opened the new chapter every ten years. The world sense the great market potential and many foreign companies come to China to seek for cooperation. Road and Belt opens the door for both sides, which is a win-win situation. In the future, China will become the first economy, which has been predicted by the experts. We are lucky to witness the change.


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