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The past must be kept in its place, outlived and outgrown.


Everyone needs a sense of history, particularly a feeling of his or her own roots, but history needs to keep its distance to be appreciated.


Do movies and television affect our behavior?


A special concern is whether movies and television make children and the society as a whole more violent.


I believe that movies and television do influence our behavior, both positively and negatively.


Movies and television do make people more violent, so the more we see violent acts on movies and television, the less sensitive we become to them.


Children may not realize that violence has consequences. Moreover, they may fail to know that some of their acts are actually violent ones.


In movies, actors or actresses can kill or be killed again and again, for after all, they can always come back to life and continue to act in other movies. However, in real life, a real person can live only once.


Movies and television affect our daily behaviors, making us less active.


When everything is acted out for us, our imagination sTOPs performing its due function, which results in mental laziness.


There’s no denying that watching movies and television can also be beneficial.


For example, seeing movies can expose us to people of different races and cultures and this can help broaden our vision.


Sure, the greatest benefit we get out of watching movies is that it can reduce our stress, for this is an excellent way of entertaining ourselves.


How much movies and television influence us depends on how much we watch, what we watch and how we respond to what we watch.


Children are spending too much time on computers and too little time on study and physical exercises. This has greatly affected their study and health and is, thereby, well worth our deep concern.


I believe that those who have more experience and more skills make more contribution to social development.


Japanese consumer products are able to dominate the world market because the Japanese are hard working, technologically oriented and innovation-focused.


First of all, we know that the Japanese work very hard, often sacrificing their free time for work.


As nuclear power is far too dangerous, I hold that all countries should ban its use and concentrate, instead, on the development of such alternative sources of energy as hydroelectric power, wind power and solar energy.


Every year thousands of highly skilled and well educated people leave China and go to work or live in a developed country. This is having a negative effect on the economic development of our country, for these are the very people China needs in developing our economy.


How can we measure or define one’s social status? Some people hold that it should be based on the wealth an inpidual owns while others argue that one’s social status should be awarded according the contribution he or she has made to the society.


Altruism is a type of behavior in which an animal sacrifices its own interest for that of another animal or group of animals. Altruism is the opposite of selfishness. An inpidual performing altruistic acts gain nothing for himself.


Examples of altruism abound, both among humans and among other mammals.


Unselfish acts among humans range from the sharing of food with strangers to the donation of body organs to family members and even to strangers.


These acts are altruistic in that they benefit others, yet provide little reward to the inpiduals performing them.

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