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1) With the rapid improvement in…/growing awareness of…, more and more…/sth….

(e.g. With the considerable improvement in building industry, more and more structures are being erected to set the people"s minds at ease.)

2) Recently, sth./the problem of…has been brought to popular attention/ has become the focus of public concern.

(e.g. Recently, the problem of unemployment has been brought to such popular attention that governments at all levels place it on the agenda as the first matter.)

3) One of the universal issues we are faced with/that cause increasing concern is that…

(e.g. One of the universal issues that draw (cause) growing concern is whether it is wise of man to have invented the automobile.)

4) In the past few years, there has been a boom/sharp growth/decline in.. .

(e.g. In the past ten years, there has been a sharp decline in the number of species.) 5)

5) Nowadays, more/most important/dangerous for our society is…

(e.g. Nowadays, most dangerous for our society is the tendency to take advantage of each other in political circles.)

6) According to the information given in the table/graph, we can find that…

7) As can be seen from the table/graph/figure, there is a marked increase /decline/favorable (an unfavorable) change in…

8) As we can see from the table/graph/figure above, drastic/considerable/ great changes have taken place in…over the period of time from…(年份)to…( 年份)

9) The table/graph shows that there is a(n) declining/increasing trend of …from…(年份) to…(年份)

10) Anyone who takes a closer look at the data in the table/graph can be surprised to find that…

11) It is a traditional practice to…in our society. (e.g. It is a traditional practice for young people to be financially dependent on their parents for anything like marriage and housing.)

12) It has long been considered only right and proper to…(in China.) (e.g. It has long been considered only right and proper/perfectly justified for the old to assume full responsibility for the growth of the young.)

13) As things usually go against sb."s will, his original intention was to…

(e.g. As things usually go against man"s will, his original intention was to change the way people lived by inventing the internal combustion engine. Indeed, its birth has greatly enhanced their enjoyment of life, especially in traveling and transporting. But its dark side is presenting a growing worry to our society.)

14) The current situation of…, if approached from the opposite angle, reveals that…

(e.g. The current situation of our reforms is political structure, if approached from the opposite angle, reveals that much of the achievement is far from satisfactory. For example,…But…)

15) Everything about…seems (not) to be getting on smoothly/just as one wishes in…

(e.g. Everything about the economic reform seems to be getting on just as our government wishes in China.)

16) To sb."s mind/In sb."s eye(s), sth. seems/means… (e.g. In the eyes of the public, official corruption means taking bribes,. ..But such corruption comes in many different forms.)

17) No one would deny that… 或:Everyone would agree that…

(e.g. 见例2)

18) When it comes to…(sth.), most people (the public) maintain(s)/contend(s) that…

(e.g. When it comes to fake commodities, every consumer has much anger to pour upon them.)

19) Now it is widely believed that…

(e.g. Now it is widely believed that examinations are the best possible measure for the selection of the qualified.)

20) A public debate has arisen as to/over/concerning…

(e.g. A public debate has arisen as to whether one should step forward bravely in the event of crime.)



2 近来,某事/某问题引起了大家的常见关注/成了公众关注的焦点。?


3 大家面临的一个常见问题是… /一个愈加引人关注的常见问题是…?


4 在过去的几年里,…经历了突飞猛进/迅猛增长/降低。?


5 现在对大家社会更(最)为要紧的(危险的)事情是…?


6 依据图表资料,大家可以发现…?

7 依据图表(数字)显示,…明显增长(降低)/发生了有利(不利)变化。?

8 据上面图表(数字)所示,从某年到某年某方面发生了剧烈的(相当大的;巨大的)变化。?

9? 图表显示,从某年到某年某方面有降低(增长)的趋势。?


11 在大家的社会里…是一个传统的做法。?


12 (在中国)…长期以来被视为是理所应该的。?


13 总是适得其反,他本来的目的是要…?


14 假如从对立的角度来看, …的目前形势显示…?

例:假如从对立的角度来看,政治体制改革的目前形势显示,其收获远不如人意。比如…, 但…?

15 关于…好像所有进展顺利(正如某人的意愿进步)。?


16? 在某人看来,某事好像(意味着)…?


17? 无人会不承认…?


18? 说到…,大部分人(公众)坚持觉得(争辩说)…?


19? 目前大家常见觉得…?


20? 关于…公众就此展开了一场辩论。?


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