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购物英语常用句子:Reception 接待

1. What can I do for you? 你要些什么?

2. Can I help you? 我能帮你吗?(需要些什么?)

3.Do you find anything you like? 你找到你喜欢的吗?

4. Are you being helped?/Are you being served?你需要帮忙吗?

Is there anybody waiting on you?有人招呼你吗?

Choosing and buying选择与购买

购物英语常用句子:Choosing 选择

1. I want a pair of shoes/a jacket. 我想买一双鞋/一件夹克。

2. I’d like to see some towels.我想看看毛巾。

3. Show me that one, please.请把那个给我看看。

4. Let me have a look at this watch. 把这只表让我看看。

5. I’m just looking, thanks.我只是看看,谢谢。

6. Would you show me this cup?你能把这只杯子让我看一下吗?

7.I’m interested in this new type of car. 我对这款新车很有兴趣。

8.I’d like to have a look if you don’t mind.如果不介意,我想看一下。

购物英语常用句子:An attempt 试穿

1. I like this one. May I try it on? 我喜欢这一种。我能试穿吗?

2.Could you try it on please? How is it? 请试穿看看好吗?如何?

购物英语常用句子:Inquiry 询问

1. Do you have any on sale?你们有什么特卖品吗?

2. Do you carry hundred percent cotton pants?你们有百分之百纯棉的裤子吗?

3. If I orded a suit now, how long could it take before I got delivery?


4. Can you get me one?你们能补货吗?

购物英语常用句子:Size and color 尺寸和颜色

1. The fit isn’t good. 尺寸不太合适。

2. It’s too big. 太大了。

3. Too small. 太小。

4. How about this blue one? 这个蓝色的怎样?

5. This color is very pupular. 这个颜色很流行。

6. It seems to fit well. 好像蛮合身的。

7. Can I have a size larger? 可以给我一个大一点儿的吗?

8. They punch my toes.把我脚趾夹疼了。

9. This blue color goes well with the light blue dots on the dress.


购物英语常用句子:Price 价格

1. How much is it ? 多少钱?

2. I’ll give it to you for 5250. 5250元美金卖给你。

3. Can you make it cheaper? 你能便宜点吗?

4 How much do I have to pay for it? 我要付多少钱?

5. How much are these ties? 这些领带要多少钱?

6. What’s the price for this suit? 这套西装多少钱?

7.How much does it cost?多少钱?

购物英语常用句子:Check 付钱

1. How can I pay? 我要如何付钱?

2. May I write a check for you? 我能开支票吗?

3. Do you take traveler’s checks?你们接受旅行支票吗?

4. Sorry, we don’t take checks. 对不起,我们不接受支票。

5. I’ll take this. 我要这个。

6.How about 98 down and 100 a month?先付头期款98美元,每月再付100美元,如何?

购物英语常用句子:The others 其他

1. Take one’s measurement.为某人量尺寸。

2. I think we’re out of your size.我想你的尺寸(的衣服)已卖光了。

3. Check back next Sunday.你下星期天再来看看。


1. A:Can I help you? 您想要买什么?

B:I’d just like to have a look . 我只想随便看看。

A:do you like some apples?( Are you looking for some apples?) 你想要一些苹果吗?

B:I could also buy some apples if they’re nice.


2. A:Do you like this dress, madam?


B:I like the color very much. It’s a lovely dress, but it’s too small(tight) for me.


A:What about this one? It’s a lovely dress, it’s very smart. Short skirts are in fashion now. Would you like to try it?


B:All right. 好的。

3. A: Are these apples on sale? 这些苹果降价卖吗?

B:That’s our rock bottom price. 这是我们的最低价了。

4. A:Would you mind if I try this on? 我能试试吗?

B:No, not at all. 当然可以.

A:Give me a smaller size, please. 请给我拿小一点的。

B:With pleasure. I’d be glad to show you some. 很荣幸为您服务。

5. A: I want to buy a camera. 我想买架照相机。

B:I’m sorry. It’s out of stock. 对不起,脱销了。

A:Are you likely to be getting any more in?你们还进货吗?

B:Look in again next Sunday. 下星期日再来看看吧。

6. A:How much is it? 这个多少钱?

B:Sixty dollars. 60美元。

A:How much does it cost?这个值多少钱?

B:It costs one hundred Yuan.100元。

A:What’s the price of this one? 这个值多少钱?

B:It’s priced at only eighty Yuan. 只要80元。

A:How much does it come to? 总共多少钱?

B:It comes to two hundred and fourty dollars. 总共240美元。

6..A: Do you want any meat today, Mrs. Bird? 波德太太,你今天要点肉吗?

B:Yes, please. 是的。

A:This lamb’s very good.这块羔羊肉很好。

B: I like lamb, but my husband doesn’t.

A: What about some steak? This is a nice piece.来些牛排好吗?这块很好。

B: Give me that piece, please. And a pound of mince, too.我还要 一磅 肉糜。mins肉馅

7. A: Have you any shoes like these?你们有这种鞋子吗?

B:What size?什么尺码?

A: Size five.五号的。

B:What color?什么颜色?


B: I’m sorry. We haven’t any.


8 .A: How many do you need? 你想买多少?

B:Two Kilograms. 两公斤。

9. A:That’s too expensive for us. We can’t afford all that money.


B:This model’s less expensive than that one. It’s only twenty-eight pounds. But, of course, it’s not as good as the expensive one.


A: I don’t like this model, the other model’s more expensive, but it’s worth the money.


A:Can we buy it on installments?我们可以分期付款吗?

B: Of course. You can pay a deposit of ten pounds, and then one pound a week for sixty weeks.


10. A:I think I prefer the blue one if it’s not too much trouble.


B:Not at all. I’ll get it for you. Here you are. This is our latest design.不麻烦,我去为你取来。给你,这是最新款的。

A :Could I have a try?我能试试吗?

B: Certainly. The fitting room is over there.当然可以,试衣间在那边。

B: It seems to fit you very well.这件衣服很适合你。

A: All right. I think I’ll take it.行,我买了。


11 A: Can you come down a bit?你可以便宜一点吗?

B: That’s almost cost price.这几乎是成本价了。

12. A: Excuse me, I would like a blue shirt please.对不起,我想买件蓝色的衬衫。

B: Yes, with pleasure. Here you are.很愿意为您服务,给您。

13. A: I’m looking for a pair of shoes.我想买双鞋。

B: Yes, sir. I’d be glad to show you some.好的,先生。很高兴拿给你看。

14. A: Do you have anything larger than this one?你有更大点的吗?

B: Yes, we have. Let me show you.有,我拿给你。

15. A: What can I do for you, Madam?我能为您做什么,女士?

B: I want to buy a suit of clothes.我想买身套装。

16. A: Is there anything I can do for you, Miss?有什么我能帮忙的吗,小姐?

B: I’m just looking.我只是看看。

17 .A: Can you come down a little?你能便宜点吗?

B: That’s the best I can do.这是最合理的价格了。

18 A: Half price computers? How do they do that?半价计算机?怎么可能呢?

B: I don’t know. Let’s read the fine print.( Let’s read the fine print.)


19. A: Could you tell me how much it is?(您能告诉我这个的价格是多少吗?)

B: In the neighborhood of $ 500.(500美元左右。)

A: That’s way too much money(价格太贵了。)

B: We can make down by model.(我们可以根据型号给予优惠。)

A: We have to ask for another price reduction.(再给我们优惠点儿吧。)

B: You can fourget about another cut.(不能再降价了。)

A: How much are you asking for this?(这个多少钱?)

B: I’m offering them to you at 10 Euro a piece. Is that all right?(每件10欧元,您看怎么样?)

A: Is tax already included in this price?(这个价位含税吗?)

B: Yes. Our price can’t be matched.(是的。我们的价格无人可比。)

A: Would you consider a volume discount?(批量购进可以再优惠吗?)

B: If you buy 1000 or more, you’ll get a 10% discount.(如果您能购进1000件以上我们就可以优惠10%。)

A: I’ll accept your offer.

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