any other business

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Sean:Okay – any other business?Will:Yes, I would like to say something. An illustrator came in last week, and I think she’s very good and it would be wise to put her on our books.Sean:… okay …Will:I would like to be able to show her drawings and her portfolio in the next couple of days. If that’s all right…All:That sounds good…Sean:Yes, I’ll look forward to seeing those. Right, I think that’s probably about it, but anybody got anything else that they desperately want to raise before we wrap up?All:Nope.Sean:No? Okay. We’ll be having another meeting, but there are a couple of conflicts in the diary so I think the best thing is if I email the date of the next meeting.(本文由在线英语听力室整理编辑)

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笑话是一种用来逗笑取乐的文体。笑话,不仅能让同学们在日常生活和学习中不时地会心一笑,还能从中学习到不少的英语知识,小编今天就给大家带来了英语的笑话,供您查阅英语笑话一It happened that a Dog had got a piec