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成语寓言故事:A Bird Frightened by the Mere Twang of a Bowstring惊弓之鸟

There was an archer named Geng Ying in the State of Wei. He went sightseeing with the King of Wei at Jingtai. At that time a bird was circling around in the sky, uttering sad and shrill cries now and then. The King of Wei looked up at it for a while and said to Geng Ying:


"Do you see that bird? Can you shoot it down?"


"I can shoot it down without using an arrow," Geng Ying said.


After a while, the bird flew near. Geng Ying pulled his bow to the full, plucked the bowstring, and at the sound the bird fell to the ground before their feet.


The King of Wei said in surprise:


"You can shoot down a bird without an arrow. Your skill in archery is really wonderful."


Geng Ying said:


"Your Majesty, this is not due to my good skill, but because this is a bird of bad luck. You can hear how sadly and shrilly it wailed, and see how tiredly it flew. It was already wounded, and for a long time could not find its companion. Therefore it couldn't stand the least fright. As soon as I twanged my bow, it thought it had been shot and fell down of its own accord from the sky. What a pitiful bird frightened by the mere twang of a bowstring!"


成语寓言故事:Drawing a Snake and Adding Feet to It画蛇添足

In the past a family in the State of Chu made sacrificial offers to their ancestors, and after that they rewarded the people who helped in the ceremony with the pot of wine used in it.


There were many helpers but only one pot of wine. Who should drink it? Someone suggested:


"Each person is to draw a snake on the ground. Whoever draws fastest and most lifelike will get the pot of wine."


Everyone thought this was a good idea.


One man drew very fast, finished it in the twinkling of an eye, and was given the pot of wine. At this moment, he saw that the others had not yet finished, so he wanted to flaunt his skill once more. He said proudly:


"How slow you are! Let me add a few snake feet."


Holding the wine pot in his left hand, he began to add feet to the finished snake with his right hand. When he was just adding feet to the snake, another man finished his drawing. He grabbed the wine pot at once, saying:


"A snake has no feet. How could you add feet to it? The first one who finished drawing a snake is I, not you."


Having said this, the man drank the wine with an easy conscience.


成语寓言故事:The Fox Borrows the Tiger's Power and Prestige狐假虎威

One day, a big tiger was looking for food in a dense forest. A fox happened to scurry by, so the tiger pounced upon the fox and caught it.


At this time, the fox suddenly hit upon a bright idea to get itself out of the predicament. It boosted its courage and said to the tiger:


"Do you dare to eat me?"


Taken aback, the tiger asked:"Why not?"


"Heaven sends me to rule over all you animals. If you eat me, you will defy the order of Heaven. What a nerve!"


Hoodwinked for the moment, the tiger released its claws.


The fox wagged its tail proudly and said:


"I will take you to the other animals, and show you my power and prestige."


The fox and the tiger, one in front and the other in back, walked towards the depths of the forest. The fox was very cocky, shaking its head and wagging its tail. The tiger was dubious, looking around.


The boars, deer, gazelles, bares, etc. in the forest saw the fox come swaggering, entirely different from its usual self, and couldn't understand what was the matter. But when they looked behind the fox:"Oh, a big tiger!" The wild animals, large and small, all fled for their lives.


Now the fox was greatly pleased and said to the tiger:


"See, who isn't afraid of me?"








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