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Nurses are the most trusted of health professions. We can do much to work with and on behalf of poor people. We work with them to ensure that their voices are heard, that they are included in decisions concerning them, and that the inequalities of access, employment, services, gender, ethnicity and race are addressed. Working side-by-side with clients, service providers, community leaders, policy makers and politicians we can do our part to reduce the plague of poverty. Poverty and poor health go hand-in-hand, with the poor sharing an unequal burden of ill health The poorest 1.2 billion people bear two-thirds of the world’s communicable disease, maternal and perinatal mortality, and nutritional deficiencies. The particular cruelty of poverty is its vicious circle, whereby people do not have access to health, education and other means to increase their income and to improve their health status. Yet without good health, a person’s potential to escape from poverty is severely weakened. What can we as nurses do? We know that investing in education, health care and sound social policy can improve health outcomes. We also know that health is an asset, thus promoting and protecting it must be a key concern. This means that we must be sure we are educated about the determinants of health, about empowerment, and about working with communities and vulnerable groups to address their unique needs. We can work to ensure the poor are treated with respect, and work to influence policies and programmes, ensuring they are designed with the poor and most vulnerable in mind. We can lobby for fair labour standards, safe work places, equal rights for women (who represent 70 per cent of the most poor), and lobby to ensure equity of access to health services.

(中文大意:)~~ 护士是健康职业中最令人信任的。我们应该从贫困者的利益出发,为他们做更多的工作。通过与他们合作,以确保政府部门在制定有关政策时,能够倾听并重视他们的意见,并且使他们在改变医疗、就业、服务、性别和种族等方面不平等状况的要求得到满足。在与服务对象、服务提供者、社区领导、决策者和政治家的携手合作中,护士应竭尽所能,以减少贫困带来的祸患。 贫困和疾病是相伴而行的,贫困者多忍受着疾病的痛苦折磨。全球性传染病、母亲和围产儿死亡、营养不良等疾病的三分之二发生于最贫困的12亿人口之中。贫困的残酷性在于它的恶性循环,由此使人们失去接受卫生保健、教育和其他有利于增加收入和改善健康状况的途径。显然,没有健康的身体,一个人摆脱贫困的潜能也就受到严重的削弱。 作为护士,我们应该做些什么呢?我们知道,加大教育和卫生保健的投入、建立完善的社会政策,可以提高健康水平;我们也知道,健康是一大资本。因此,促进和保护健康须给予密切关注。这就要求我们必须接受关于健康的决定因素、能力以及如何与社区、弱势群体合作,以便满足贫困者的特殊需求。 我们可以通过努力工作,以使贫困者受到更好的保护;并可影响到政策和法规的制定,使之能够为贫困者和弱势群体着想;我们可以通过宣传,为贫困者争取到公正的劳动标准、安全的工作场所、妇女(她们占最贫困人口的70%)的平等权利,并确保他们享受到公平的医疗保健服务。


every classmate, every friend! have you heard of white dream ?perhaps , you think hope is green, youth is red, and dream is only natural gold!but , i think medical workers' dream is white.

you're likely to say : white stands for blank,white symbolizes poverty. but, i will tell you white also signifies creation! white also is the embodiment of vast and pureness.

people usually speak highly of medical workers as angels in white. because in their mind , medical workers are upright , kind, selfless and friendly.

despite the rumour and social prejudice, nantingger gave up her rich physical life, firmly, committing herself to nusing career. in this way, she destronmasted the glory of white dream.

benqiuen strode over country boundaries, devoting himself to medical career without hestion.

extremly beautiful scenery often exists in dangerous and high mountains.extremly grand music is always dismal. extremly noble life frequently lies in heroic sacrifice.in a sense, isn't medical workers' job great? if one can sacrifice his life for human,isn't he or she happy? as it going: if there isn't inveteracy,there isn't prosperous leaves and sweet-smelling flowers, if there isn't headstream and flowing water, thereisn't rapids and waterfall, if there isn't medical workers' hard work, there isn't good and healthy life of people.

in a word, no matter what situation we might face, we must stick to the white dream.










"5.12" the international nurse festival is the founder – Englandnurses which nurses for the commemoration modern times Florence.Nightingale sets up. Florence. Nightingale (on May 12, 1820 -1910 year on August 13)had been born in Italy's historical famous city Florence, afterwardsmoved England along with the family, when her childhood harboredbenevolent and the fine mind, loathed has a high and respectedposition with the bored social life, did not attend to the parentsfirmly to oppose, resolutely left home in 1850 Prussia to studynurses, accepts short-term the medical treatment and nursing training,in 1853 was hired holds the post of London to be sick the woman tonurse the meeting the surveillance duty.

From 1854 to 1856, English, the law, the Turkish allied armies andczarist government joined battle in Crimea, England field hospitalmanagement bad, condition range, also did not have the nurse to nursethe patient, the soldier mortality rate reaches as high as above 50%,after Nightingale this news, led 38 nurses to arrive at the frontimmediately, carried on the service in four field hospitals, at thattime, the front drugs lacked, the water source was insufficient,hygienic range, but she was not discouraged, removed all sorts ofdifficulties by might and main, solved the essential thing and foodfor the patient, organized the soldier family member joint operation,increased their nutrition, thus caused the field hospital appearanceto have a new look. In the short half year time, causes patient'smortality rate to drop to 2.2%, her merit disseminates thegreat-hearted immediately. [

You are glancing over article which "Old Hundred Dawns On-line"provides ] Nightingale kind gentle, deeply loves the patient seriously,the work is earnest, can day and night bustle about by the high senseof responsibility and the splendid management. In the dark lateautumn, she grasps the oil lamp to patrol the hospital ward, in everypossible way looks after each wounded soldier, the bed wounded soldieris moved lies down is kissing her form on the bed which falls on thewall, expresses to her respect and the deep love, and identicallycalls her is "the inspection lamp goddess". Nightingale in the Crimea battlefield the absorbed offer which doesfor the patient, had driven afterwards soon established Red Cross'smember, also regular script present their humanity objective.Therefore, in her before death, International Red Cross has set upNightingale Medal in at 1907 London congress, takes the encouragementvarious countries nurse's international highest honor prize. In 1912,after namely Nightingale died the second year, holds in Washington atthe ninth session of Red Cross international congress the officialdetermination issues Nightingale the medal.

In 1912, was commemorates Nightingale to nurse the achievement whichthe enterprise developed, the international nurse council south ofproposed Nightingale the birthday – on May 12, commemorated Nightingaleas the various countries hospital and the nursing school to hold eachkind of active the day. At first called "the hospital date" (HospitalDay), also called "the Nightingale date" (Florence Nightingale Day),is called "the international nurse festival" in China (National NurseDay). Vigorously propagandizes in this day nurses the work, encouragesthe nurse to learn from Nightingale to save from impending deathassists the wounded devotes the spirit.

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