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Helen: I'm calling to discuss the level of insurance coverage you've requested for your order.

海伦: 我打电话来是想讨论你所要求的订单保险额的级别。

Henry: I believe that we have requested an amount twenty-five percent above the invoice value?

亨利: 我想我们要求的是高于发票价值百分之二十五的保险金额。

Helen: Yes, that's right. We have no problem in complying with your request, but we think that the amount is a bit excessive.

海伦: 是的,没错。我们可以答应这个要求,但是我们觉得金额有点太高。

Henry: We've had a lot of trouble in the past with damaged goods.

亨利: 我们过去有太多货物毁损的困扰。

Helen: I can understand your concern. However, the normal coverage for goods of this type is to insure them for the total invoice amount plus ten percent.

海伦: 我能了解你的考量。然而,一般这类产品的保险额度是发票总额再加百分之十。

Henry: We would feel more comfortable with the additional protection.

亨利: 有额外的保障会让我们觉得安全些。

Helen: Unfortunately, if you want to increase the coverage, we will have to charge you extra for the additional cost.

海伦: 很遗憾,如果你们想增加保险额的话,我们就得向你们收取额外的费用。

Henry: But the insurance was supposed to be included in the quotation.

亨利: 但是保险应该包含在报价里了。

Helen: Yes, but we quoted you normal coverage at regular rates.

海伦: 是的,但是我们向你们报的价是一般比例下的正常保险额。

Henry: I see.

亨利: 我了解。

Helen: We can, however, arrange the extra coverage. But I suggest you contact your insurance agent there and compare rates.

海伦: 不过超出的保险额我们可以再商量。但是我建议你和你们那边的保险代理商联络并比较一下价格。

Henry: You're right. It might be cheaper on this end.

亨利: 你说得没错,在这边可能会比较便宜。

Helen: Fax me whatever rates you find there and I'll compare them with what we can offer.

海伦: 不论你那里找到的是那一种价格都传真给我,我会和我们可以提供的价格来做比较。


Betty: Hello. Sales Department. This is Betty Fields speaking.

贝蒂: 喂,业务部,我是贝蒂‧菲尔兹。

Ralph: Hello, Ms Fields. This is Ralph Peterson at World Computers.

拉夫: 嗨,菲尔兹女士。我是世界计算机的瑞夫‧皮特森。

Betty: Yes, how may I help you?

贝蒂: 好的,我能为你效劳吗?

Ralph: I'm interested in a couple of items in your new catalog, and I would like to know the prices.

拉夫: 我对妳们新目录里的几项产品感兴趣,我想知道它们的定价。

Betty: Great. We're offering a special promotional price on a few of the items. Which items did you have in mind?

贝蒂: 好的。我们针对几项产品提供特价。你对哪些产品有兴趣?

Ralph: We're particularly interested in your new RS-five sound card shown on page five of your catalog. I would also like more details about the model RS-four card on page seven.

拉夫: 我们特别中意你们目录第五页里的新型RS-5的声卡。我还想知道更多关于第七页里RS-4型声卡的细节。

Betty: OK. The price on the RS-five is forty-five U.S. dollars for quantities up to five hundred units. Then we offer quantity discounts for larger orders.

贝蒂: 好的。数量有达到五百片的话,RS-5的价格是四十五美元。大量定购的话我们还有折扣。

Ralph: And the price on the RS-four?

拉夫: 那RS-4的价格呢?

Betty: The RS-four is one of our promotional items this month. For orders received by the end of the month, the price is thirty-three dollars each. That price is good on any size order.

贝蒂: RS-4是我们本月的促销产品之一,本月底前接到订单的话,单价是三十三美元。不管定单数量多少都是这个价格。

Ralph: That price sounds good. Could you send me more details about the RS-four, including the specifications?

拉夫: 这个价格听起来不错。你可以寄给我更详细的RS-4型的资料和说明书吗?

Betty: Certainly. I can fax or E-mail that information to you this afternoon.

贝蒂: 当然。我可以在今天下午把资料传真或寄电子邮件给你。

Ralph: Terrific. I'll get back to you after I've reviewed the details. Thank you. Good-bye.

拉夫: 太好了。我看完详细资料后会打电话给妳。谢谢妳,再见。


Tracy: You seem to be interested in our new J7 cellular telephone. Would you like to know more about it?

崔西: 您似乎对我们新型的J7行动电话很感兴趣。您想知道更多的信息吗?

Harold: Yes, I would. What does this button here do?

哈洛德: 是的,我想知道。这里这个按钮是作什用的?

Tracy: That button is for our call screening function. It allows you to identify the caller before you answer the call.

崔西: 那个按钮是来电显示功能。它可以让您在接电话之前先知道是谁来电。

Harold: What else can you tell me about this phone?

哈洛德: 这个电话还有什么其它功能吗?

Tracy: This special phone utilizes state-of-the-art technology to bring you several unique functions in addition to the call screening feature.

崔西: 这个特殊的电话除了来电显示的特色外,还运用最新科技提供您几项独特的功能。

Harold: So, what are the unique functions?

哈洛德: 是什么独特的功能呢?

Tracy: Oh, it's loaded with them. If you are outside of your service area, this cell phone can still receive messages.

崔西: 喔,功能有很多。就算你在系统服务区外,这支大哥大还是可以收到讯息。

Harold: No kidding?

哈洛德: 真的吗?

Tracy: In addition to that, it has a vibration feature that will let you know when you have a call if you don't want the ringing sound to interrupt important meetings. Here is our brochure with all the details.

崔西: 除了这点之外,如果您不想让电话铃声打断重要会议,还有震动功能可以通知你有来电。这是详细的产品简介。

Harold: What is the price of the J7 model?

哈洛德: J7这一型的价格是多少?

Tracy: The list price is US$110 per unit. We're offering a special in-show discount of 10%.

崔西: 标价是每支美金一百一十美元。在展示会场我们会有打九折的特价。

Harold: Well, I'll have to contact my office and get back to you. Thanks.

哈洛德: 嗯,我得和公司联络之后再过来找妳,谢谢。


Lester: As you know, the FastTrek 2000 is due for release next month. I think we've finally worked the kinks out.

莱司特: 正如你所知,FastTrek 2000预定在下个月推出。我想我们已经解决了所有琐碎的问题。

Helen: Great. That's vital. Quality is the focus of the ad campaign. The boards must work well if they're going to be the cash cow we want them to be.

海伦: 太好了。那很重要。品质是广告活动的焦点。如果要让这些适配卡如我们所要的成为摇钱树的话,就不能出乱子。

Lester: Let's go over our promotion plans again.

莱司特: 我们再看一遍我们的促销计画。

Helen: OK. We have six major retailers running demonstrations at most branches. And our exhibition team is already on the road setting up for computer shows.

海伦: 我们有六家主要的零售商在大部分的分店做展示。而且我们的展示队伍已经为计算机展在起跑了。

Lester: Good. What about print and radio?

莱司特: 很好,那印刷品和广播呢?

Helen: We've taken out full-page ads for two large trade magazines. And more important, our press releases have been well received.

海伦: 我们在两家大的商业杂志刊登了全版广告。更重要的是,我们的新闻稿已经全被采纳了。

Lester: Any larger ads?

莱司特: 有再大一点的广告吗?

Helen: Yes. We're putting the same full-page ad in the Sunday edition of three major newspapers.

海伦: 有的。我们在三大报的星期天版面放了相同的全版广告。

Lester: Sounds perfect.

莱司特: 听起来很周全。

Helen: But nothing ever works out as you want it. So I have a number of other tricks up my sleeve, as well.

海伦: 不过有时候就是会事与愿违,所以我还有很多其它的妙计。

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